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Easy to use

Salon Allure is simple enough to be used by any employee without sacrificing productivity.

Drag and Drop Appointments

Change appointment times by simply dragging the appointment to a new date, time, and even a different employee.

Customer Waiting List

Built in customer waiting list with ability to page or send SMS/Text messages to customers waiting for their place in line.


Manage employee pay roll right through the software. Employees clock in when they first sign in then clock out at the end of their shift.


Salon Allure comes with a simple to use Inventory Manager. Simply run a Re-Order report to print and display any products below the set par level.

ApplePay/Google Wallet

Along with the built in Credit/Debit and Gift Card Processing, Salon Allure supports ApplePay, Google Wallet, NFC and EMV transactions with capable hardware.

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